Aakash soy anthone

#me_as aakash soy anthone https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2127187697542415&id=100007536152656
#Woh Mere Aane Pe Khil Jaana Tera
Woh Mere Jaane Pe #Chid Jaana Tera
Woh Mere #Chhoone Pe Chhil Jaana Tera
Yaad Hai Naa

Paas Aane Pe Pighal Jaana Tera
Boond Boond Mujhpe Baras Jaana
Til Til Mujhko Tarsana Tera
Yaad Hai Naa
Yaad Hai Naa
#Yaad_Hai N


Author: Aakashsoyanthone

सुनो_#HUKUM #_हमने_हमेशा 13:07 दिया, #AAP_भी_मेरा 07:02 him 02:09 को_हमेशा 01:07 REHNA_है #इस_लिये_हमे_छोड़ने_की_गलती 02:12 मत_करना l #Trūé__līnê #Wîth_cūte_cūte_swèét_lÕvê

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