Aakash soy anthone

Light 💡 illusion image….

I look for words to keep the beat
In my heart.
So many words but none with sense
To impart.
It seems heart beats should be the ‘words’
Where lives start.
Unique, but don’t conflict and tear
Us apart…..☜☆☞


Author: Aakashsoyanthone

सुनो_#HUKUM #_हमने_हमेशा 13:07 दिया, #AAP_भी_मेरा 07:02 him 02:09 को_हमेशा 01:07 REHNA_है #इस_लिये_हमे_छोड़ने_की_गलती 02:12 मत_करना l #Trūé__līnê #Wîth_cūte_cūte_swèét_lÕvê

13 thoughts on “Aakash soy anthone”

      1. The word, “moving” has different nuances depending upon how it is used. In this instance I am using:

        1) the way Aakash’s shows physical movement of objects or people
        and have paired that aspect with
        2) the idea that art, whether photos (still shots) or movies (showing movement) can evoke a feeling. It stirs a feeling inside a person, positive or negative, and the person might say, “it moves me.”

        I am both seeing the movement and being moved, in this case inspired, also.

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